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Empowering the Citizens of Galveston to Define Our Future.

This is a project to empower the community members of Galveston to define a vision for the future of our city. We are starting by asking the people of Galveston what matters to them: what kind of city we want to be and what we need to do to get there. We will hold a series of workshops where the public can sit down with the consultant team to look at specific issues and solutions, and then create an inclusive framework to guide the city into the future.

Este proyecto permite a los ciudadanos de Galveston a definir una visión para el futuro de la ciudad. Nos preguntamos, qúe tipo de ciudad queremos ser y qué debemos hacer para llegar a ser esa ciudad. Por favor ayúdenos llenando la siguiente encuesta.

Current Outreach

For more information about the process of Vision Galveston, please click on the graphics below.