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Galveston 'Big Choices' Public Workshop Day 1

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Please join us for our next big public event for Vision Galveston on the evening of January 29th OR January 30th. 

We’ve heard from you about what you love about Galveston, what you want to see more of, and what worries you. That’s helped the Vision Galveston team identify what issues we need to focus on. All of those issues require us to make choices. 

This workshop will focus on some of the big choices Galveston is facing. We’ll split into groups and each group will take on a series of actives focused on those big choices. “All of the above” won’t be an option — in the real world, space, money, and resources are limited. 

We’ll ask how big Galveston should be. More people can mean more stores, better restaurants, and a stronger tax base. But it can also mean more traffic, less open space, and more crowds. You’ll have to decide what the right size is — and agree with the others at your table. 

We’ll ask what kind of place Galveston should be. It could be more of a college town, more of a tourist destination, more of a bedroom suburb. You’ll think about what kind of Galveston you want to live in, and see if others are on the same page. 

We’ll ask about priorities — what should the island invest in -- Housing, jobs, open space, infrastructure? You’ll have the (fictional) money in your hand — where will you spend it? We’ll ask about resilience. Galveston is on a barrier island in the path of hurricanes, and the cove is rising. But protecting the island isn’t easy. How much are you willing to change Galveston to keep the water out? 

You’ll have a chance to weigh in on each of these, and more: parks, nature, development patterns. And, as you work with your fellow Galvestonians to make choices you’ll shape a vision for the future. 

Attendance is limited, and you must attend for the entire time to make sure we have good discussions. This event is friendly and open for people of all ages (bring your children!).

Later Event: January 30
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