The Vision

This project enables the citizens of Galveston to define a vision for its future. We are asking what kind of city we want to be and what we need to do to get there. We begin by asking the people of Galveston what matters to them and follow with a series of workshops to analyze problems and solutions. Together, we will create an inclusive framework to guide the city’s future.

This nine-month project is initiated and funded by the Galveston Roundtable of Foundations and led by a representative Steering Committee. Interested community members are invited to join.

How do we run a community vision project

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Inclusion and outreach

We are starting out the process by asking the people of Galveston what matters to them. We will be going to events, reaching out through our schools, visiting civic clubs, sending out surveys, and using many other methods to reach 15% of the population.

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The plan will identify major questions, goals, and values. After we do broad outreach, we will hold a series of workshops and conversations where the public can meet with the project team to look at specific issues and solutions.

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The plan will include recommendations for new policies, for programs, and for projects. We will be addressing every aspect of the City — resiliency, the economy, housing, jobs, education, parks, land use, and transportation.